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New medieval manuscript facsimiles in Special Collections

Three newly-acquired facsimiles of original medieval manuscripts are available for study at Special Collections.  The first is a replica of the Hours of Jeanne d’Evreux (pictured here), a 14th-century Book of Hours made for a French queen.  The book is only about 4 inches high, and the facsimile comes with its own magnifying glass!  The …

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Manuscript Bibles in Special Collections

This manuscript Bible, a 13th century Old Testament in Latin, is currently on display in the Library’s exhibit “The Life and Legacy of the King James Bible: Celebrating 400 Years.”  Special Collections owns several other manuscripts which contain the text of the Latin Bible, including an illuminated Old Testament created in 15th century France and …

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The Bible Moralisée

The term “Bible moralisée” (moralized Bible) has been given to a lavish type of picture Bible which was popular during the thirteenth century in Western Europe.  Several illuminated manuscript moralized Bibles have survived to the present, and Special Collections possesses facsimiles of a number of these manuscripts. Moralized Bibles do not contain the full text …

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HBLL digitizes a medieval manuscript

L. Tom Perry Special Collections holds around two dozen medieval manuscripts (or manuscript fragments).  Recently, the library digitized one of these treasures: an English manuscript dating from 1343 entitled Regimen Animarum.  The manuscript was written for the Archbishopric of Canterbury.  The text is in Latin and is a religious manual for ecclesiastical officials, covering preaching, …

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Dante in facsimile

The latest medieval manuscript facsimile acquired by L. Tom Perry Special Collections is a reproduction of a late 14th century manuscript of Dante’s Divine Comedy.  The original manuscript is held by the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana.  The manuscript is one of the earliest extant copies of Dante’s poem and is highly illustrated. This new facsimile joins …

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Bestiaries, medieval to modern

The bestiary was a popular literary genre of the middle ages.  Bestiaries describe animals – both real and imaginary – and provide moral or allegorical interpretations of their characteristics or behaviors. Sometimes the descriptions are accurate, other times, fantastic.  Bestiaries were usually highly illustrated, often with colorful, whimsical depictions of the animals in the text.  …

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Newly-acquired medieval manuscript facsimiles

Special Collections has just acquired the following facsimiles of medieval manuscripts: Parma Psalter: a facsimile of an illuminated Hebrew book of Psalms (with commentary) produced in Northern Italy in the 13th century.  The manuscript is decorated with images of buildings, people, plants, and musical instruments. Call number: Vault Collection 223.2 P24 1996 Antiphonar von St …

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