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The J. Reuben Clark Law School bridge

Early this week the university closed campus drive and yesterday they knocked down the bridge connecting the law school with the rest of campus. This is all part of the campus unification project and soon a lovely pedestrian plaza will connect the law school with the rest of campus. The law school bridge has been …

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Ephraim Hatch photographs of the Harold B. Lee Library and the Provo City Library

Ephraim Hatch was a longtime employee of the Physical Facilities Division of Brigham Young University. He was also a rather good amateur photographer. He took hundreds of photographs documenting the Harold B. Lee Library and the Provo City Library (formerly the Education Building of the Brigham Young Academy). The Ephraim Hatch photographs of the Harold …

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UA 923 Views of Brigham Young University Campus Development

Brigham Young University has grown from a small academy into one of the largest private universities in the United States. Ephraim Hatch, a university employee who worked for Physical Facilities, compiled a series of pictorial histories documenting that growth photographically. These histories are contained in UA 923 Ephraim Hatch views of Brigham Young University campus …

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UA 827 Brigham Young University photographs of campus buildings

The Brigham Young University Archives is pleased to announce the availability of a new digital collection: Brigham Young University photographs of campus buildings (UA 827). This collection contains photographs of the numerous buildings that have served students and faculty over the years at Brigham Young Academy and Brigham Young University. The photographs cover the years …

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Brigham Young University Athletic Photographs, 1893-1989 (UA 1029)

Athletics has been an important part of the Brigham Young University experience since the early 1890s. Competitive athletics developed under the direction of Brigham Young Academy principal Benjamin Cluff. Cluff had attended the University of Michigan for graduate school and had seen their extensive athletic programs. He strongly believed that athletics was an important complement …

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Presidential Photographs collection

Brigham Young University has been guided by twelve men over the course of its existence: Warren N. Dusenberry, 1875-1876 Karl G. Maeser, 1876-1892 Benjamin Cluff, Jr., 1892-1903 George H. Brimhall, 1904-1921 Franklin S. Harris, 1921-1945 Howard S. McDonald, 1945-1949 Ernest L. Wilkinson, 1951-1971 Dallin H. Oaks, 1971-1980 Jeffrey R. Holland, 1980-1989 Rex E. Lee, 1989-1996 …

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Remembering the Provo Tabernacle

Tragedy struck in Provo early this morning as the historic Provo Tabernacle suffered major damage due to fire. Construction of the tabernacle, with its unique octagonal towers at each of the four corners, began in 1883 and was completed in 1898 at the cost of $100,000. The tabernacle quickly became the community and religious home …

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University Photographs

President Ernest Wilkinson does push-ups while Cosmo cheers him on. In 1975 as part of the centennial celebrations of Brigham Young University Edwin Butterworth, director of the BYU News Bureau, was asked to create a pictorial history of the university. The result was a wonderful composition of photographs documenting the first one hundred years of …

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