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New Acquisitions in Renaissance printing

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections has a long history of collecting the output of the major French humanist printers of the 16th century. Our vaults hold extensive collections of the work of the Estienne (Stephanus) family, Simon de Colines, Josse Badius Ascencius, and Christophe Plantin. These printers helped spread Renaissance and humanist learning throughout …

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Women’s Book History for Women’s History Month

If you visit the “Curious Remedies” exhibit this month, be on the lookout for a small, nondescript book of medicine by Nicholas Culpeper. This item was published in 1684 by Hannah Sawbridge. Hannah was the widow of George Sawbridge, one of the most successful London printers and booksellers of the 17th century. Sawbridge’s firm printed …

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New acquisitions!

One of the premier collections in our Renaissance printing collection is a collection of imprints by Parisian printer Simon de Colines. The library is constantly adding to the collection in order to get a complete record of Colines’ output as a printer. Here are images from our most recent acquisitions:  

Giambattista Bodoni

November marks the bicentenary of the death of Italian printer, type designer and typographer Giambattista Bodoni. Museums in Italy have been celebrating Bodoni’s life and work throughout 2013, and typographers and graphic designers throughout the world are using the 200th anniversary of his death to inspire projects and exhibits. Born in 1740 into a family …

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Simon de Colines

Simon de Colines (d. 1546) is another famous Parisian printer and typographer of the 1500’s. He was actually related to the Estienne family through marriage (he married Henri I Estienne’s widow, thus becoming the stepfather to Robert I, Charles, and François I). Simon ran Henri Estienne’s presses and took over the shop upon Estienne’s death. …

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The Estiennes

One of the most distinguished families of printers in 16th century Europe was the Estiennes. Henri Estienne I was a printer and bookseller who was active in Paris from 1502-20.  His sons Robert and François carried on the family legacy, printing in Paris and Geneva, as did his grandsons. In fact, there were Estiennes printing …

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