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Happy Reformation Day!

  October 31, 2017 marks exactly 500 years since Martin Luther sent his 95 theses to the Archbishop of Mainz (and likely posted them to the door of the local church in Wittenberg). The theses were rapidly printed and reprinted and spread across Germany over the following months. Special Collections owns a copy of one …

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New online database of early Protestant texts

Special Collections owns a still-growing collection of original works by early Protestant reformers like Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, and Jean Calvin. While it contains many important works, both in Latin and in vernacular languages, it is not complete by any means! The library has recently acquired a new database, the Digital Library of Classic Protestant …

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Jean Calvin

Tuesday, May 27 marks the 450th anniversary of the death of Protestant reformer Jean (or John) Calvin (1509-1564). Calvin was born in France and was trained as a lawyer. He was also interested in humanism and studied Greek and Latin classics. Sometime in 1533, he had a religious experience which led him to reject Roman …

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