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Honors at BYU

In 1959 English professor Robert K. Thomas approached President Ernest L. Wilkinson and suggested that Brigham Young University start an Honors program to better serve the exceptionally bright and highly motivated students that were beginning to enroll at the university. Thomas argued that an Honors program would provide the university with three major benefits: It …

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The Banyan

In 1911 Brigham Young University began to publish a yearbook. The name of the yearbook, the Banyan, was taken from a statement made by Karl G. Maeser comparing the influence of the university on Church education to a banyan tree. The Banyan was supervised by the Student Publications Board. It had its own faculty adviser …

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Spicing up student life

Students at Brigham Young University have always looked for ways to enliven their college experience. They have numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities in 2010. They attend musical and theatrical performances at the Harris Fine Arts Center. They flock to athletic events in the Smith Fieldhouse, the Marriott Center, South Field, and LaVell Edwards Stadium. They …

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The BYU Bookstore

This is a busy time of year on a college campus with students working to finish final projects and cramming for final exams. They are also trying to figure out which of their textbooks they can sell back to campus bookstores and which they will be stuck with for the next twenty years. They are …

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Associated Students of Brigham Young University Histories, 1922-1986 (UA 1081)

Student government at Brigham Young University began in 1909. It was refined in 1924 with the acceptance of a new constitution. The new constitution established an organization that included a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, secretary-historian, editors of two publications (Y News and Banyan), and a cheermaster. A student council that included university administrators was …

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Timpanogos Hike

One of the most popular summer activities for BYU students is hiking Mount Timpanogos.  Mount Timpanogos is the second tallest mountain in the Wasatch range and is located off of the Alpine Loop which can be accessed through either American Fork Canyon or Provo Canyon.  Not many students realize that hiking Mount Timpanogos has been …

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The Faculty of Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is a remarkable place.  It is a place of quiet reverence and boisterous enthusiasm.  It is a place of competitive athletics and exceptional scholarship.  It is a place of gifted musicians and capable engineers.  It is a place of blending for the sacred and the secular.  It is a place of students …

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1000 Views of 100 Years

Brigham Young University has a rich and varied history. We are fortunate that much of that history has been caught in photographs.  As part of the centennial celebrations in 1975 the university commissioned Edwin Butterworth, Jr. to compile a pictorial history of the first one hundred years of Brigham Young University.  These images capture life …

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Course catalogs and class schedules

One of the more frequent reference requests fielded by the University Archivist involves the need to gather information about classes that individuals had taken as students at Brigham Young University.  Sometimes the requests are for individuals writing their family histories and they want to be able to accurately describe the coursework that they did as …

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