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VBM 5: Leaving winter behind

January’s selection for the Victorian Book of the Month series is inspired by the cold and snowy weather here in Provo, or at least the desire to escape it: A Winter Pilgrimage by H. Rider Haggard. Haggard is most famous for his adventure novels of Africa, like King Solomon’s Mines and She (which provided escapist fare for …

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Travel and exploration in Special Collections

Can’t get away this summer?  Armchair travel is a cheap alternative to a vacation, and the library abounds in books by travelers and explorers to points around the globe, from the South Pacific to the North Pole.   Special Collections contains numerous rare and important accounts of early travel and exploration, including the voyages of Captain …

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Travels in China

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the world’s eyes have turned toward China with a renewed interest in that country’s culture, politics, landscape, and peoples. China has been an object of fascination for Westerners for centuries, especially during the Early Modern period, when European explorers, merchants, and missionaries established relations with the Chinese. As the two …

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