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Emily Faithfull and the Victoria Press

In honor of International Women’s Day, today’s blog post features the work of a Victorian woman printer, Emily Faithfull, and her imprint, the Victoria Press. Faithfull was a member of the Society for the Promotion of the Employment of Women, a mid-Victorian social organization which hoped to improve working conditions and employment opportunities for women. …

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Simon de Colines

Simon de Colines (d. 1546) is another famous Parisian printer and typographer of the 1500’s. He was actually related to the Estienne family through marriage (he married Henri I Estienne’s widow, thus becoming the stepfather to Robert I, Charles, and François I). Simon ran Henri Estienne’s presses and took over the shop upon Estienne’s death. …

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The Estiennes

One of the most distinguished families of printers in 16th century Europe was the Estiennes. Henri Estienne I was a printer and bookseller who was active in Paris from 1502-20.  His sons Robert and François carried on the family legacy, printing in Paris and Geneva, as did his grandsons. In fact, there were Estiennes printing …

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