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The Great Exhibition of 1851

With all eyes on London for the 2012 Olympics, England’s capital is showcasing the world’s athletic achievements. In 1851, London hosted a world’s fair to highlight cultures and industries. An enormous glass and cast-iron building known as the Crystal Palace was erected in London’s Hyde Park to house the fair.  The Great Exhibition brought together …

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New critical works on Romanticism

Here are a few of the new books which have recently arrived in Special Collections for the Robert Burns Collection and the Edward M. Rowe Collection of William Wordsworth: Sharon Alker, et al., eds. Robert Burns and Transatlantic Culture. Ashgate, 2012. Stephen Gill, Wordsworth’s Revisitings. Oxford University Press, 2011. Scott Hess, William Wordsworth and the …

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More Books of Hours from BYU Special Collections

The growing demand for Books of Hours in the late 15th and early 16th centuries was met not only by scribes and illuminators who hand-crafted manuscript books, but by printers.  In Paris, the center of production for Books of Hours, a handful of printers began to specialize in mass-producing Books of Hours for the growing …

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Reinhard Maeser papers

Reinhard Maeser, son of Brigham Young Academy principal Karl G. Maeser, was a faculty member at Brigham Young University for many years. The University Archives is home to a collection of papers that documents his life and activities. The Reinhard Maeser papers, 1838-1944 (MSS 1841) contains correspondence, notes, speeches, certificates, poems, and miscellaneous items. The …

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Joseph Conrad in Special Collections

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) was born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, the son of Polish aristocrats.  When Conrad was a child, his parents were sentenced to political exile in northwest Russia.  Conrad was largely taught by his father, who introduced him to literature, but Conrad was orphaned at age 11.  His maternal uncle helped him to enter …

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Allen Hall

In 1937 President Franklin S. Harris proposed plans to build a residence hall for students attending Brigham Young University. The goal of the residence hall was to provide young men with a place to live near campus. The young men would be expected to participate in the cost of room and board and the university …

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