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Archive: July, 2010

Recent acquisitions: British women writers

Recent additions to Special Collections’ Victorian and Edwardian Literature Collections include works by Alice Meynell and May Sinclair, two women writers whose careers spanned the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. Alice Meynell (1847-1922) began her career as a poet.  She was also an essayist and literary critic.  After her marriage, she assisted her husband in …

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Bestiaries, medieval to modern

The bestiary was a popular literary genre of the middle ages.  Bestiaries describe animals – both real and imaginary – and provide moral or allegorical interpretations of their characteristics or behaviors. Sometimes the descriptions are accurate, other times, fantastic.  Bestiaries were usually highly illustrated, often with colorful, whimsical depictions of the animals in the text.  …

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The Power of the Library

Recently the Harold B. Lee Library released a promotional video touting the resources available for students in the library (Click here to view the video.). These resources include databases, e-books, journals, books, and librarians. They are the key to successfully completing an academic career. Brigham Young University students have the privilege of studying in one …

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Alcott’s Independence Day tales

In 1876, the centennial of the birth of the United States of America, Louisa M. Alcott issued a short story collection entitled Silver Pitchers, and Independence: a Centennial Love Story.  The nine stories include “Transcendental Wild Oats,” a satirical portrayal of the unsuccessful utopian community Louisa’s father founded when she was a girl.  The two …

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