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Archive: April, 2010

Howard S. McDonald and Brigham Young University

On November 14, 1945 Howard S. McDonald was inaugurated as the sixth president of Brigham Young University. His appointment coincided with the end of the Second World War and the return of veterans of that war who were hungry for education. It was a time of tremendous growth and change for the university. The enrollment …

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New acquisitions: British social history

One recent acquisition is a collected set of Harriet Martineau’s Illustrations of Political Economy, along with two continuations of the series: Poor Laws and Paupers Illustrated and Illustrations of Taxation. These tales, first issued from 1832-34, brought Martineau literary celebrity. The didactic stories, based on the theories of T.R. Malthus and James Mill, were intended …

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Updated list of British social history periodicals

The list of periodicals related to British social history has recently been updated to include single-issue holdings and other titles from the J.F.C. Harrison Collection.  The newly-added periodicals cover such topics as free thought, Methodism, and temperance.

Victorian novels in literary periodicals

One intriguing aspect of 19th century British fiction is that many novels were published in serial form before they appeared in book form. Literary luminaries such as George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, and Wilkie Collins published their work in literary magazines, and Charles Dickens pioneered the publication of novels in stand-alone parts. Serializing novels gave the …

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Deseret Towers

In late March 2010 Brigham Young University announced that approval had been received to build a new housing development on the land where Deseret Towers had been located. Deseret Towers had been razed beginning in 2006 due to concern over the seismic stability of the buildings and the expense related to upgrading the facilities. The …

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