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The Victorian “Penny Dreadful”

Special Collections has recently added a number of penny dreadfuls to its Victorian Collection.  The term “penny dreadful” refers to a genre of popular fiction which had its heyday in mid- to late-Victorian Britain.  Penny dreadfuls were cheaply-produced, often second-rate novels issued in parts, which were consumed by working-class readers.  Each part usually cost a …

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Thomas G. Alexander papers

The Brigham Young University Archives houses the professional papers of many faculty members who have taught at the university. Among these collections is the Thomas G. Alexander papers. Researchers interested in the teaching of history at Brigham Young University will find this collection enlightening. Thomas G. Alexander (b. 1935) was a professor at Brigham Young …

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Renaissance astronomy in the news

Renaissance astronomy is in the news again, this time because a group of Czech and Danish scientists are testing the remains of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, who died in 1601.  Brahe’s astronomical observations provided the foundation for the work of Johannes Kepler and other astronomers, but he is also remembered for the rumors which swirled …

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A Tradition of Debate

The Fall 2010 “Looking Back” column of BYU Magazine highlighted the fact that 50 years ago a debate team from Brigham Young University won the Harvard University National Invitational Debate Tournament, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country at the time. Debate has a long history at Brigham Young University dating back to …

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18th Century English Literature

BYU’s Special Collections does not actively collect 18th century English literature, apart from the work of Robert Burns and his circle.  However, there are numerous works from the 18th century among our literary holdings.  Perhaps the most valuable books in our collections are a first-edition copy of Henry Fielding’s The history of Tom Jones and …

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