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Ice Cream and Elevators

Brigham Young University’s Center for Animation recently won another student Emmy for their animated short film “DreamGiver.” That brings the total number of student Emmys won by Center for Animation since 2003 to 11–an impressive feat. Many students may not realize that Brigham Young University has a long history of students producing quality films. The …

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A Tradition of Debate

The Fall 2010 “Looking Back” column of BYU Magazine highlighted the fact that 50 years ago a debate team from Brigham Young University won the Harvard University National Invitational Debate Tournament, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the country at the time. Debate has a long history at Brigham Young University dating back to …

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New Digital Collection

The University Archives is proud to announce that a project to digitize the early student newspapers of Brigham Young University is underway. We will be digitizing the Academic Review, the BYA Student, the Normal, and the White and Blue. Several issues of the Normal and the White and Blue are already online at the BYU …

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Associated Students of Brigham Young University Histories, 1922-1986 (UA 1081)

Student government at Brigham Young University began in 1909. It was refined in 1924 with the acceptance of a new constitution. The new constitution established an organization that included a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, secretary-historian, editors of two publications (Y News and Banyan), and a cheermaster. A student council that included university administrators was …

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1000 Views of 100 Years

Brigham Young University has a rich and varied history. We are fortunate that much of that history has been caught in photographs.  As part of the centennial celebrations in 1975 the university commissioned Edwin Butterworth, Jr. to compile a pictorial history of the first one hundred years of Brigham Young University.  These images capture life …

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The Domestic Organization

The need to integrate the sacred and the secular in the fledgling Brigham Young Academy meant that discipline at the school was strict.  Karl G. Maeser had been educated in a German educational tradition that emphasized the need for order and obedience to established regulations.  Maeser saw rigid moral discipline as a way to help …

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The Intercollegiate Knights at BYU

The Intercollegiate Knights is a national service fraternity.  It was established at the University of Washington in 1919 as the Knights of the Hook. In 1922 fraternity leaders approached the university administration and asked if they could charter a national organization.  Permission was granted and the Knights of the Hook became the Intercollegiate Knights.  In …

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The Academic Review, the BYA Student, and The White and Blue

In October 1884 the Polysophical Society of the Brigham Young Academy began to publish the Academic Review.  This literary journal contained information about the Academy, reports on events (including campus lectures), and advertisements.  It also included the literary efforts of several students.  It lasted through May 1885.  In 1891 a new student paper was begun …

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University Photographs

President Ernest Wilkinson does push-ups while Cosmo cheers him on. In 1975 as part of the centennial celebrations of Brigham Young University Edwin Butterworth, director of the BYU News Bureau, was asked to create a pictorial history of the university. The result was a wonderful composition of photographs documenting the first one hundred years of …

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