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Victorian children’s books for the holiday season

Before Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, there was a market for books as gifts during the Christmas season, but for the most part, these books were not Christmas themed at all.  The success of A Christmas Carol led English publishers to issue Christmas titles in a similar format: short, heavily-illustrated tales priced at 5-6 shillings.  Eventually …

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Images of hunting

Hunting has been a popular sport in Europe since the Middle Ages.  Medieval manuscripts depict aristocrats hunting on horseback and on foot, with hawks and hounds, and provide insight into the methods and practices used in organized hunts.   Over the centuries, printed books about hunting, falconry, and fishing have been popular with sportsmen and book …

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Clubs at BYU

Clubs have been an integral part of the Brigham Young University experience since its founding as Brigham Young Academy in 1875. The earliest club on record is the Polysophical Society which provided students with an opportunity to discuss literature, science, music, fine arts, and civil government. The number of clubs has steadily grown over the …

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Remembering the Provo Tabernacle

Tragedy struck in Provo early this morning as the historic Provo Tabernacle suffered major damage due to fire. Construction of the tabernacle, with its unique octagonal towers at each of the four corners, began in 1883 and was completed in 1898 at the cost of $100,000. The tabernacle quickly became the community and religious home …

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A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens is well known for A Christmas Carol.  He also wrote other Christmas books for his family.  For at least nine years he participated with a variety of other Victorian authors, probably most famously Wilkie Collins, on a series of  tales for Christmas.  Like a Christmas journal, the issues contained more than one story.  …

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Sinterklass is a Dutch tradition that is also popular in other areas in Europe, especially those with a Germanic background.  One young mother from the Netherlands whose husband is from the United States recreates this tradition in her Santaquin, Utah home with her children.  Generally on December 5, Sinterklaas and his horse and his servant …

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What’s next? Cougar Basketball looks to build on record setting 2009-2010 season

This is an exciting time of year for Brigham Young University sports fans–basketball season has begun. The Brigham Young University Cougars are looking to follow up on their record setting season of last year. The Cougars return one of the most explosive backcourts that they have had in years with senior Jimmer Fredette and Jackson …

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Korean Christmas

Thomas M. Bunkall tells the following story from his time in the Korean War: A week before Christmas we went on a well-earned R&R to a Quonset Hut.  It was so nice since we could get a hot shower, clean clothes and a delicious meal.  A welcomed change from the K-rations left over from World …

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