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Archive: October, 2008

New Victorian poetry collection

The Library has recently finished cataloging a collection of nearly four hundred volumes of 19th century poetry which have been added to Special Collections’ Victorian Literature Collection.  Most of these books are by minor Victorian poets whose work has never been reprinted, providing researchers with examples of forgotten literature in its original format. Around 15 …

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The Intercollegiate Knights at BYU

The Intercollegiate Knights is a national service fraternity.  It was established at the University of Washington in 1919 as the Knights of the Hook. In 1922 fraternity leaders approached the university administration and asked if they could charter a national organization.  Permission was granted and the Knights of the Hook became the Intercollegiate Knights.  In …

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Y Days

Y Days has its origination with the creation of the Block Y in 1906. For more information on the establishment of the Block Y click here .  Y Day was typically held in the spring and was a way for students and faculty to show their loyalty to Brigham Young University.  The main purpose of …

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Finding Folklore Focused Field Projects

Some students and researchers want to know how to use the folklore archives more effectively. One of the items that the archive includes is the focused projects. These are semester projects done by students in folklore classes on topics of their choosing. Subjects range from missionaries to courtship, customs to beliefs and many more. There …

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Christopher Columbus

In the United States, Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday of October to mark the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World in 1492. While Columbus’s legacy in the Americas is a source of dispute, his historic voyages are a popular topic for book collectors. Special Collections has a number of facsimiles …

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Medieval literature in Special Collections

Dante, Chaucer, Beowulf — have you ever wondered what medieval literature looked like to medieval readers?  Special Collections has hundreds of facsimiles of medieval manuscripts available for researchers, including facsimiles of some of the most celebrated examples of medieval bookmaking, like the Book of Kells or the Bible of St. Louis, and facsimiles of works …

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“We were hit.” An excerpt from a World War II pilot’s history

Richard Junius Petit, a World War II veteran, was captured by the Germans on March 16, 1944. The following excerpt is from History According to Richard Junius Petit: The War Years 1942-1945. “We were hit by German fighters just after crossing the border of France. Our position had been as the last plane in the …

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Homecoming at BYU

Brigham Young University’s Homecoming festivities have a rich history rooted near the end of the 19th century. President Benjamin Cluff began what would become our Homecoming with the establishment of Founders Day in 1891 to remember individuals who had established Brigham Young Academy and helped it to flourish. The first Founders Day was held 16 …

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