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The BYU Bookstore

This is a busy time of year on a college campus with students working to finish final projects and cramming for final exams. They are also trying to figure out which of their textbooks they can sell back to campus bookstores and which they will be stuck with for the next twenty years. They are …

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O Tannenbaum

Christmas trees are common decorations in homes during the holiday season.  While having a Christmas tree is in itself a custom, there are many customs that accompany Christmas trees.  The debate over real or artifical is often heard.  Those who favor real often believe that it isn’t Christmas unless there are needles to pick up.  …

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Christmas books for Victorian children

Books were a common Christmas gift for 19th-century children, just as they are today.  Authors and publishers in England and the United States marketed a variety of titles each Christmastime.  For younger children there were picture books, ranging from cheap paperback editions of popular tales to deluxe books with color lithographs.  For older children who …

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Cooking up a Victorian Christmas

For modern readers, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol conjures up images of bygone Christmas celebrations, including the Christmas feast prepared by the Cratchit family, complete with goose and steamed pudding.  Many current cookbooks provide updated recipes for traditional Victorian Christmas fare, but what sorts of sources would a middle- or working-class cook like Mrs. Cratchit …

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