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See Philip II on the big screen this Friday!

BYU’s Motion Picture Archive Film Series is screening the 1940 Errol Flynn movie “The Sea Hawk” this Friday.  The film is set during England’s naval wars with Spain in the 16th century and stars Flynn as an English sea captain. Special Collections owns primary documentary evidence of these wars from the Spanish point of view, a …

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Early American poetry in Special Collections

Special Collections contains a small number of books by American poets from the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  Highlights include editions of Phillis Wheatley’s Poems, Joel Barlow’s Vision of Columbus, and early works by Lydia Huntley Sigourney.  Special Collections also owns a copy of Samuel Kettell’s 1829 Specimens of American Poetry, an important early …

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University Devotionals and Forums

A unique thing happens at Brigham Young University at 11:00 am on Tuesdays. The entire university shuts down so that students, faculty, administrators, and staff can attend a campus devotional or forum. A typical month sees three campus devotionals and one campus forum. These large gatherings are held in the Marriott Center during fall and …

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An Overview of Music Special Collections

Music Special Collections include rare editions, manuscript scores, and music archives. Strengths are focused in harp music, viola music, popular American music of the twentieth century, opera, ballet and other dance music, early sheet music, hymnals, French chansons, and historical methods and treatises. Some of the most important larger manuscript collections and archives include: the …

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Course Catalogs available digitally

Brigham Young University publishes a course catalog every year that describes graduation requirements, department majors, individual courses, instructors, and all other aspects of university operations. The most heavily used portion of this catalog is the brief descriptions of individual courses which include a short summary of the content of the course, number of credit hours …

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Online resources from the JFC Harrison Collection

The Harold B. Lee Library has scanned and made available the British Social Periodicals held in the JFC Harrison collection online at the Internet Archive.  The collection includes full-text scans of periodicals related to political, cultural, and social movements, including temperance, free-thought, and working-class educational associations.  The digital collection also includes literary items related to …

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