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Archive: February, 2010

Comet literature

A particular strength of BYU’s History of Science Collection is a collection of over 80 European pamphlets and monographs on comets, dating from the early 16th to early 18th centuries.  These works were written by theologians, philosophers, and scientists, and as such, approach the subject of comets from conflicting perspectives.  For some, the appearance of …

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Rare African-American Literature

The Rare American Literary Authors collection contains a number of works by important African-American writers, dating from the era of slavery to the Harlem Renaissance. In honor of Black History month, we highlight three titles from our holdings: Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave (Boston, 1845) Douglass, an orator, …

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Young Ambassadors

One of the most popular performing groups at Brigham Young University is the Young Ambassadors. They are well known for their unique combination of contemporary music and dance in a fast-paced showcase of American musical theatre. The Young Ambassadors were created by Janie Thompson in 1970 and made their appearance on the world stage in …

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Is This Green Beans or Spinach?

Why would anyone voluntarily taste baby food?  Not even babies seem that fond of it.  But one 1990s baby shower game involved taste testing baby food to see if it was possible to determine what it is.  In the 1990s  games were popular at baby showers, and this was one that was enjoyed.  One game …

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Capt. Dan Jones Exhibit

Capt. Dan Jones – missionary to Wales To celebrate the bi-centennial year of the birth of Capt. Dan Jones, the well known missionary to Wales, the L. Tom Perry Special Collections of the Brigham Young University Library is hosting an exhibition of many of his writings and publications. (Special Collections is located on the first …

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Thomas L. Martin and BYU

In 1921 President Franklin S. Harris began to reorganize the academic structure of Brigham Young University and recruit new faculty members to the university. Among his early recruiting successes was Thomas L. Martin. Professor Martin had a doctoral degree from Cornell University and was asked to join the faculty of the university as the department …

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Literary nurses

In conjunction with the opening of the Florence Nightingale exhibit on Floor 3 of the HBLL, which features a number of rare books and manuscripts from Special Collections,  I’d like to highlight the work of  several authors who served as nurses in the American Civil War. Clara Barton was a Civil War nurse who was …

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