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FILM RESTORATION SHOWCASE — Winter 2022 — April 1, 7pm Library Auditorium

At the BYU Motion Picture Archive we have a variety of historical materials. Sometimes these are Hollywood film artifacts: film prints of Hollywood-produced films. Some of these are common (CASABLANCA) and some of these are rare (WINGED VICTORY). A special group of materials are those absolutely unique camera original elements of productions from the BYU …

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Archive Classics Series: TRAPPED BY THE MORMONS (1922) — Friday, March 4, 7pm – Library Auditorium

We are happy to announce our next installment in the ARCHIVE CLASSICS series. This series features the presentation of cinematic gems held in the BYU MOTION PICTURE ARCHIVE. These films are esteemed to be of particular importance to BYU Students, focusing on depictions, representations, and expressions of latter-day saints in the medium of the cinema. …

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WALK IN THEIR SHOES: A Restoration Premiere — October 8th

  In 1968, the BYU Motion Picture Studio (MPS) produced WALK IN THEIR SHOES, a short film about teenagers learning to understand a parent’s worry and why they set boundaries out of love for them. The BYU MPS produced these films regularly for church and seminary use, even marketing them to other churches and civic …

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