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WALK IN THEIR SHOES: A Restoration Premiere — October 8th


In 1968, the BYU Motion Picture Studio (MPS) produced WALK IN THEIR SHOES, a short film about teenagers learning to understand a parent’s worry and why they set boundaries out of love for them.

The BYU MPS produced these films regularly for church and seminary use, even marketing them to other churches and civic groups when appropriate. The classic JOHNNY LINGO was also produced in the same year by many of the same filmmakers.

Recently, the BYU Motion Picture Archive located camera original materials that contained the filmed images in hi-definition beauty. Using modern technology, we were able to bring these images to light and will present them with even greater clarity than the first film prints struck in 1968.

The restoration was an ‘experiential learning’ project, allowing a student to perform the lion’s share of the restoration duties under the direction of the curator of the Motion Picture Archive. The University is actively supportive of these types of unique learning experiences.

Come join us for the first general screening of this new restoration. We will have a presentation on the film restoration process, followed by the film which runs about 25 minutes.

October 8th, 2021            7:00pm               Reynolds Auditorium (first floor of the BYU Library)

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