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Archive: June, 2012

Special Collections’ newest acquisition!

L. Tom Perry Special Collections is excited to announce that we have just acquired an illuminated manuscript Book of Hours from the late 15th century. Books of Hours were one of the most popular genres of books produced during the late Middle Ages and remained popular well into the Renaissance (Special Collections contains four examples …

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Y Bell

One of the most recognizable symbols of Brigham Young University is the Y Bell. The bell can be heard ringing after each home basketball victory. Tradition has it that the first bell associated with the university came to Utah with the pioneers. It was donated to Brigham Young Academy shortly after they began classes in …

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The Diamond Jubilee

As the British Commonwealth celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the British throne, we are looking back at the only other British monarch to achieve such a long reign, Queen Victoria.  Victoria marked the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne on June 22, 1897.  The Victorian Collection at L. Tom Perry Special Collections …

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Transcendentalism in Special Collections

L. Tom Perry Special Collections contains many early publications by the Transcendentalists, from works by major figures of the movement like Ralph Waldo Emerson (including his seminal essay, Nature), Henry David Thoreau (a first edition of Walden is pictured here), and Theodore Parker; to lectures given at the Concord School of Philosophy. These works are …

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Ernest L. Wilkinson and the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building

One of the most colorful individuals associated with the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building and Brigham Young University was Ernest L. Wilkinson. Wilkinson’s association with Brigham Young University began in 1918 when he became a member of the Student Army Training Corps stationed at Brigham Young University. Wilkinson was billeted in the Karl G. Maeser …

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Queen Victoria’s journals

The British Commonwealth is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee (the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne) this year, with big events planned this weekend.  The only other British monarch to reign for 60 years was Queen Victoria, who celebrated her diamond jubilee in June 1897. As part of the jubilee celebrations, the Royal …

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