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Proposed Junior College Plan

The early 1960s saw a lot of discussion within the Church Educational System of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about the possibility of the developing Church-sponsored junior colleges. The Church saw junior colleges as a way to increase accessibility to the high quality spiritual and secular learning found at Brigham Young University. …

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Ernest L. Wilkinson and the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building

One of the most colorful individuals associated with the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building and Brigham Young University was Ernest L. Wilkinson. Wilkinson’s association with Brigham Young University began in 1918 when he became a member of the Student Army Training Corps stationed at Brigham Young University. Wilkinson was billeted in the Karl G. Maeser …

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Edith Johnson Oral history

The 1950s and 1960s were a time of tremendous growth at Brigham Young University. Much of this growth can be attributed to university president Ernest L. Wilkinson. In the mid-1980s the University Archives conducted an oral history program to document the history of the university. Edith Johnson served as secretary to President Wilkinson. Her oral …

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Presidential Photographs collection

Brigham Young University has been guided by twelve men over the course of its existence: Warren N. Dusenberry, 1875-1876 Karl G. Maeser, 1876-1892 Benjamin Cluff, Jr., 1892-1903 George H. Brimhall, 1904-1921 Franklin S. Harris, 1921-1945 Howard S. McDonald, 1945-1949 Ernest L. Wilkinson, 1951-1971 Dallin H. Oaks, 1971-1980 Jeffrey R. Holland, 1980-1989 Rex E. Lee, 1989-1996 …

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Ernest L. Wilkinson and BYU

One of the most dynamic individuals ever associated with Brigham Young University was Ernest L. Wilkinson. Wilkinson’s association with the university began during World War I. On October 25, 1918 Wilkinson was inducted into the Brigham Young University Student Army Training Corps and served until the end of the war. In 1919 he formally enrolled …

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Presidential Papers

Brigham Young University has been led by twelve charismatic and inspired leaders. Their influence on the university is documented in the records of their administrations. The University Archives is home to the presidential records of all of the university’s presidents excluding those of the current administration. These records provide a detailed look into the history …

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