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Journey to Temple Hill

Brigham Young University is an amazing place. There are very few places where students can study the secular intermingled with the sacred and this is one. The university impacts more than just its students and employees. All of us have been touched by the university in one way or the other. At this Thanksgiving season …

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Edith Johnson Oral history

The 1950s and 1960s were a time of tremendous growth at Brigham Young University. Much of this growth can be attributed to university president Ernest L. Wilkinson. In the mid-1980s the University Archives conducted an oral history program to document the history of the university. Edith Johnson served as secretary to President Wilkinson. Her oral …

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Guide to Manuscript Collections concerning the history of Brigham Young University located away from campus

Brigham Young University has a rich and varied history. While the bulk of historical manuscripts relating to the history of Brigham Young University are housed in the University Archives, there are numerous other repositories that hold materials that shed light on the university’s history. In 2006 the University Archivist prepared a guide to archival and …

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Discovering BYU

As the semester begins students are considering topics for potential research papers and wondering where to gather information for those papers. Only a few of those students will consider investigating the unique history of Brigham Young University. The University Archives hopes to change that. Brigham Young University has a remarkable history and the materials in …

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Brigham Young University’s Centennial History available online

As part of the university’s centennial celebrations in 1975 Brigham Young University published a four volume history entitled Brigham Young University: The First One Hundred Years. This history chronicles the remarkable growth of the university from a small church academy into a first-class university. The centennial history was edited by emeritus president Ernest L. Wilkinson …

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Popular Search Topics

The University Archives has made a concerted effort this year to increase the number of Popular Search Topics pages available to guide students in their study of the history of Brigham Young University. Over 40 new pages have been added over the course of the last semester and each page promises an opportunity to discover …

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Researching the history of BYU

One of the most frequent questions that I get as the University Archivist is “Where do I start my research into x topic on the history of Brigham Young University?”  This is an excellent question and there are a number of resources available to help you launch into your research project.  I will highlight three …

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