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Archive: March, 2009

Maeser Memorial Building cornerstone box collection

In 1907 Brigham Young University began its move from lower campus to upper campus when construction started on the Maeser Memorial Building.  The building was intended to recognize the university’s past by memorializing Karl G. Maeser and his contributions to the university while at the same time looking to the university’s future growth.  The building …

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Managing the 17th Century Household

Looking for ways to live providently during tough economic times? Take the advice of this collection of six tracts printed in London in 1657 entitled, “A Way to Get Wealth.” Subtitled “six Principall Vocations, or Callings, in which every good Husband or Huswife, may lawfully employ themselves,” the tracts give advice on planting your own …

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The Domestic Organization

The need to integrate the sacred and the secular in the fledgling Brigham Young Academy meant that discipline at the school was strict.  Karl G. Maeser had been educated in a German educational tradition that emphasized the need for order and obedience to established regulations.  Maeser saw rigid moral discipline as a way to help …

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New Acquisition–Leslie Norris Papers

Leslie Norris was born May 21, 1921 in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.  Writing poetry from a young age, he later added short stories, works for children and radio broadcasts to his repertoire.  Leslie published his first volume of poetry at 19.  A few years later he launched a successful career as an educator.  Eventually he was …

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More from Richard Junius Petit

When we last left Richard Petit, he and his crew were trying to decide where they should land.  Here is more on their adventure:  There was slight chance of finding England beneath the clouds.  If we went that direction, we would probably have to land in the ocean–if we escaped the German fighters Off to …

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Benjamin Cluff, Jr. and BYU

Benjamin Cluff, Jr. enrolled as a student at Brigham Young Academy in the spring of 1877.  He excelled at his studies and was asked to teach in the Primary Department in the fall of 1877.  This began a nearly thirty year association with the Academy.  His early teaching experience created a deep desire in Cluff …

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New acquisitions in rare literature

With the assistance of the Friends of the Harold B. Lee Library, Special Collections recently acquired a first-edition copy of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ famous classic, Tarzan of the Apes.  The novel spawned some two dozen sequels, a comic strip and comic books, radio and television programs, and numerous film adaptations.  Burroughs was a prolific author …

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