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I Kissed the Ground: Creative Invitations

We are in the middle of prom season. For many high school students asking for that big date isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and calling the desired date. No. The story of the invite is treasured as much, if not more, than the actual date. One invitation that has been around for …

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Spring at Brigham Young University

Spring is a busy time on campus. Students and faculty are preparing for finals and graduation. Baseball, softball, soccer, and other sports are beginning to ramp up. Performing Arts groups are wrapping up Winter semester performances and beginning to think about Fall semester performances. The following images demonstrate that things haven’t changed much over the …

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19th Century Alphabet Books

Children learning to read are often given ABC picture books to introduce them to the alphabet — perhaps you had a favorite when you were young.  The standard form for today’s alphabet book originates in the 19th century.  Early in the century, children often learned their letters using short primers, which listed the alphabet, common …

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Baseball at Brigham Young University

The beginning of Spring marks the start of the annual baseball season. Brigham Young University has fielded baseball teams since 1891. The early baseball games were held on Temple Hill (site of the present campus) and are now played at the beautiful Larry H. Miller park. The Brigham Young University Archives is home to materials …

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Historic costumes and fashion

Special Collections is a great resource for historic costume research.  Our photograph and rare book collections contain wonderful images of the clothing styles of earlier times, from antiquity to the 20th century, and you can even find clothing patterns in some of our 19th century periodicals! There is a whole genre of books which describe …

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