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Archive: January, 2012

Victorian novels: recent acquisitions

One major area of emphasis in the Victorian and Edwardian Literature Collections is work by British women novelists.  Special Collections owns first editions of beloved authors like the Brontë sisters, Elizabeth Gaskell, and George Eliot; but there is a wealth of literature by novelists who are less celebrated today but produced best-sellers in their own …

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Pranks and Personal Narratives

Folklore is sometimes viewed as a synomym for falsehood. That is not the case. One type of folklore is the personal narrative. These can be serious or fun but reflect events in a person’s life. Parents have long liked to tell stories about the scrapes their children get into as children or teens. The following …

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Edith Johnson Oral history

The 1950s and 1960s were a time of tremendous growth at Brigham Young University. Much of this growth can be attributed to university president Ernest L. Wilkinson. In the mid-1980s the University Archives conducted an oral history program to document the history of the university. Edith Johnson served as secretary to President Wilkinson. Her oral …

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Class Schedules and Commencement Programs available online

The Brigham Young University Archives recently added two new titles to its digital collections: class schedules and commencement programs. Both titles may be accessed through the BYU History Collections website. Both the class schedules and the commencement programs are accessed using dropdown menus. Select the year that you are interested in and the title will …

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