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Native Souvenirs

When missionaries go to foreign missions, it is not uncommon to pick up some souvenirs that are made in the country. When senior missionaries and mission presidents go they have the ability to purchase more native art.  This material lore, which is not necessarily made by LDS artists, enhances their homes and brings back memories. …

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  I’ve written before about the housewifery project that I am working on.  I had an interesting interview recently with the mother of 11 children, Barbara Lewis.  She is well-organized and talented.  She never had all 11 at home since they spanned a 25 year age group.  After we had  our interview, she showed me …

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Scary Halloween

Halloween is fun for little children who dress up and go looking for candy whether it is in the neighborhood or trunk and treat at the local church. Pumpkins and candy corn are abundant. But then they get older and want Halloween to be a little spookier. Wilson Folklore Archives has lots of spooky stories …

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Pretty coverings

About a year ago the Wilson Folklore Archives received a gift of a beautiful coverlet that was about 100 years old. It had an interesting history. Back In the South, I believe Tennessee, a young girl wanted to start a handiwork project. She was about 14. Her father gave her some land to plant cotton …

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In Memoriam: William “Bert” Wilson

The founder of the Wilson Folklore Archives passed away on April 25, 2016. William “Bert” Wilson contributed much to Mormon folklore as well as folklore at large. Two of his seminal works were “In Praise of Ourselves: Stories to Tell” and “On Being Human: The Folklore of Mormon Missionaries.” He was also the founder of …

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Housewifery in Hawaii and Utah

In July 2015 I visited the American Antiquarian Society for a seminar. The first day the teacher laid out a variety of cookbooks from the 1700s and 1800s. I was fascinated by them. They were not just recipes. there were instructions for medicines, how to fireproof clothing and put out fires in nurseries, and growing …

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Christmas Customs

Christmas customs vary from family to family, country to country, and make the holiday something bright. The Wilson Folklore Archives has a plethora of ideas for the Christmas season. These ideas can be found in FA14 8–Christmas customs. Trees are a good place to start. Many families have a tree and how they are chosen guides some of …

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Emo’s Grave

In 1910 Jacob Moritz, the founder of the Salt Lake Brewery, owner of 36 saloons, and an early Salt Lake City politician, fell ill. Seeking health he returned to his native Germany where he eventually died. Moritz’s ashes interestingly enough were returned to Salt Lake City for his final resting place. The urn was housed …

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I Kissed the Ground: Creative Invitations

We are in the middle of prom season. For many high school students asking for that big date isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and calling the desired date. No. The story of the invite is treasured as much, if not more, than the actual date. One invitation that has been around for …

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