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Archive: November, 2011

Civil War Stories

The United States Civil War period has inspired many writers of fiction, and has provided a rich setting for novels as diverse as Little Women, Gone With the Wind, Rifles for Watie, and The Killer Angels.  Special Collections contains an array of important Civil War-related fiction, including literature by those who experienced the war firsthand …

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Centennial Sculptures

Brigham Young University celebrated its centennial in 1975 and as part of the celebrations two modernistic sculptures were donated to the university. These sculptures were the “Tree of Wisdom” by Frank Nackos and the “Windows of Heaven” by Frank Riggs. The “Tree of Wisdom” was originally placed north of the Harold B. Lee Library and …

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On November 10, 2011, we held the annual Founder’s Lecture for the Wilson Folklore Archives. The speaker was Dr. David Dollahite of the Department of Family Life at Brigham Young University. His lecture was “Turning Hearts to God and Family through Telling and Writing Sacred Stories. Dr. Dollahite has allowed us to post the slides …

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Women & Creativity Exhibition

An exhibition entitled Women & Creativity is showing in the Perry Special Collections foyer November 3-22. One of the areas of creativity discussed is literature. Jessica Day George is the featured author. Her first book Dragon Slippers is demonstrated through manuscript, drawing, correspondence, and a French edition. George’s manuscripts have recently been published and are available …

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Veterans Day–Liberty

Lund Stucki, a soldier during World War Two, wrote a letter to his fiancee about the importance of liberty. Stucki died four months after penning the letter. Excerpts follow: Liberty to me means a lot of important things–and a lot of little things, too. Important things like Valley Forge, Gettysburg, the Alamo, Verdun, the Meuse, …

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Polyglot Bibles

This week’s post highlights a different type of Bible found in Special Collections: the polyglot.  Polyglots present the text of the Bible in multiple languages, side-by-side on the page, in order to facilitate study and scholarship. Special Collections’ earliest example of a polyglot Bible is the “Genoa Psalter” of 1516.  This polyglot presents the text …

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Championship Basketball at Brigham Young University

Stanley H. Watts became the head basketball coach at Brigham Young University in January 1949 when Floyd Millet retired. Coach Watts quickly brought the Cougar basketball squad to national prominence. The 1949-1950 team won the Skyline Conference championship and finished third in the NCAA Regional Tournament. The 1950-1951 team would also win a conference championship …

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