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New Reformation-era Acquisitions

BYU’s Renaissance and Reformation Collection contains over 100 Martin Luther pamphlets in German and Latin, comprising letters, religious and political tracts, and sermons.  The most recent additions to this collection are: Luther’s “Wider den falsch genantten geystlichen stand des Bapst und der Bischoffen (Against the So-Called Spiritual Estate of the Pope and the Bishops),” a …

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The Faculty of Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is a remarkable place.  It is a place of quiet reverence and boisterous enthusiasm.  It is a place of competitive athletics and exceptional scholarship.  It is a place of gifted musicians and capable engineers.  It is a place of blending for the sacred and the secular.  It is a place of students …

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Commencement addresses and programs

Every year in April and August Brigham Young University holds commencement ceremonies to honor those students graduating from the institution.  These ceremonies are a time of reflection on the personal achievements of thousands of young people and a look to their future. The Brigham Young University Archives is home to two collections that document this …

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Shakespeare in Special Collections

The birth of William Shakespeare is traditionally dated to April 23, 1564.  We know he was born in late April because parish records in his birthplace of Stratford show that he was baptized on April 26.  It has been convenient to speculate that Shakespeare’s birthday is April 23 since we know he died on that …

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Easter in another Time

Each Easter Sunday they gather around the grave and the father reads the account of the resurrection of Christ from the scriptures.

Building Dedication files

One of the remarkable things about Brigham Young University is its attempt to integrate academic excellence with spiritual development. This dual purpose is reflected in the built environment of the campus. Each of the campus buildings is used for sacred worship services on Sunday and the Marriott Center is the site of spiritual devotionals every …

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New works in the Robert Burns Collection

Since 2009 is the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’s birth, publishers are issuing many new biographies, critical evaluations, and editions of his poems to mark the occasion.  The BYU Burns Collection has received a number of new books on Burns in just the past three months: Biographies and Criticism: Robert Crawford, The Bard: Robert Burns, …

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1000 Views of 100 Years

Brigham Young University has a rich and varied history. We are fortunate that much of that history has been caught in photographs.  As part of the centennial celebrations in 1975 the university commissioned Edwin Butterworth, Jr. to compile a pictorial history of the first one hundred years of Brigham Young University.  These images capture life …

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