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Remembering World War I at Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University was deeply impacted by World War I. Students and faculty joined the war effort, university administrators gave patriotic addresses to the student body, and students and faculty contributed generously to the war effort by purchasing Liberty bonds and giving money to the YMCA War Fund. The university petitioned for and received a …

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A glimpse at early printed college textbooks!

If you were a Renaissance university student, you’d need to write your compositions and give your presentations in Latin. But never fear, you would have had textbooks and other manuals available to help you with grammar and style. Think of these early printed books as the Renaissance equivalent to your copy of Strunk & White. …

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WWI in Stereo

This post links to images of stereo cards that were produced by the Keystone View Company dealing with the events and tragedy of World War I.  These image are part of the photograph collections in the Perry Special Collections and may be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is give to L. …

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Lilburn W. Boggs letter

On October 27, 1838, Missouri governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued Missouri Executive Order 44, known more commonly among Latter-day Saints as the “Extermination Order,” in response to the conflict between Mormon and Missouri settlers in the northwestern counties of the state.  The premise of the order was that the Mormons should be “exterminated” or driven from the …

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Brigham Young Academy’s South American Expedition, 1900-1902

The Harold B. Lee Library is currently hosting an exhibit entitled BYU Expeditions of Discovery: the world is our campus in its third floor gallery space. This exhibit examines the numerous expeditions of discovery that have been engaged in by Brigham Young University students and faculty. One of the exhibitions highlighted is the 1900 to …

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Wives and Daughters

August marks the 150th anniversary of the first appearance of Elizabeth Gaskell’s beloved novel Wives and Daughters. Gaskell published the novel serially in the beginning in the August 1864 issue of the literary magazine The Cornhill, accompanied by illustrations by George du Maurier. Sadly, Gaskell  died of a sudden heart attack in November 1865 before …

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