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Archive: October, 2011

New acquisitions on Romanticism

Several new critical works on William Wordsworth, his contemporaries, and English Romanticism have been added to the Edward M. Rowe Collection of William Wordsworth. These include: Arthur H. Bell, “The child in Wordsworth’s major poetry: a master metaphor and its implications.”  Lexingford Publishing, 2010. Jacqueline Labbe, “Writing romanticism: Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth, 1784-1807.”  Palgrave …

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Fine Press Editions of the King James Bible

As a monument of English culture, religion, and literature, the Bible has been a source of inspiration for book artists, typographers, illustrators, and book designers. Because of its size and the varied types of material in the Bible, it also presents artistic and technical challenges in printing and illustrating. Along with early editions of the …

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International Folk Dance Ensemble

One of the most popular performing groups at Brigham Young University is the International Folk Dance Ensemble. Established in 1956 under the direction of Mary Bee Jensen, the Folk Dance Ensemble has performed to audiences around the world. The Brigham Young University Archives is home to several collections that document the history of the International …

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Victorian ghoulies and ghosties

Victorians were avid readers of ghost stories.  Many novels and short stories of the time period touch on the supernatural, mystical, the Gothic, and the occult.  From “A Christmas Carol” to “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” some of the most famous supernatural tales in literature date from the Victorian period. To …

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Mission to Nagasaki

The following is from Delbert Nebeker’s Veterans’ History contribution: I’ll never forget our fifth mission, it was August 10th, 1944, against Nagasaki. That night was a real doozie. It was the location of the greatest stell plant in Japan and was located on the southwest part of the Island of Honshu. On August 8th we …

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Halloween is a great time for children. While of course the actual trick-or-treating is the highlight, there are many other activities that children enjoy. One family uses their Family Home Evening the Monday before Halloween to carve pumpkins. Another uses Family Home Evening as a time for each member of the family to tell a scary …

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Lighting the Y

One of the most popular activities during Homecoming week at Brigham Young University is hiking and lighting the Y. Every year several hundred students gather and hike to the top of Y mountain to participate in this activity. Lighting the Y has a long tradition at Brigham Young University. The Y was first lit in …

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Special Collections’ Wycliffite Bible manuscript

One of the more unique Bible manuscripts held by Special Collections is this copy of the Wycliffite New Testament.  It is currently on display in the exhibit “The Life and Legacy of the King James Bible.”  Special Collections’ Wycliffite New Testament was copied in a cursive script by a man named Richard Robinson around the …

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