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Y Bell

One of the most recognizable symbols of Brigham Young University is the Y Bell. The bell can be heard ringing after each home basketball victory. Tradition has it that the first bell associated with the university came to Utah with the pioneers. It was donated to Brigham Young Academy shortly after they began classes in …

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Lighting the Y

One of the most popular activities during Homecoming week at Brigham Young University is hiking and lighting the Y. Every year several hundred students gather and hike to the top of Y mountain to participate in this activity. Lighting the Y has a long tradition at Brigham Young University. The Y was first lit in …

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Block Y

The most recognizable symbol of Brigham Young University is the block Y that graces the mountain east of the university. This iconic symbol came to represent the university rather late in the game (31 years after the founding of Brigham Young Academy). In 1906 the class of 1907 decided to whitewash their class year on …

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