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FILM RESTORATION SHOWCASE — Winter 2023 — March 3, 7pm Library Auditorium

ICE CREAM & ELEVATORS   (1971) This Student-Produced film sought to capture the traditions both formal and informal of BYU student life in 1971. In the spring of 1971 several students at Brigham Young University produced this film. It is a playful campus romance that captures a slice-of-life of BYU campus culture at the time and …

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FILM RESTORATION SHOWCASE — Winter 2022 — April 1, 7pm Library Auditorium

At the BYU Motion Picture Archive we have a variety of historical materials. Sometimes these are Hollywood film artifacts: film prints of Hollywood-produced films. Some of these are common (CASABLANCA) and some of these are rare (WINGED VICTORY). A special group of materials are those absolutely unique camera original elements of productions from the BYU …

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WALK IN THEIR SHOES: A Restoration Premiere — October 8th

  In 1968, the BYU Motion Picture Studio (MPS) produced WALK IN THEIR SHOES, a short film about teenagers learning to understand a parent’s worry and why they set boundaries out of love for them. The BYU MPS produced these films regularly for church and seminary use, even marketing them to other churches and civic …

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World War I exhibit

This fall marks the one-hundredth anniversary of the close of the First World War. In recognition of this event, the library will be hosting an exhibit celebrating the contributions of Brigham Young University students to the war effort. The exhibit will be opening early next week, and will be on display through the end of …

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Women’s History Month: The Remarkable Alice Louise Reynolds

March is Women’s History Month, and Special Collections is celebrating with an exhibit celebrating the life and legacy of one of the most influential women in the history of Brigham Young University, Alice Louise Reynolds. Reynolds taught literature (first at Brigham Young Academy, then Brigham Young University) from 1894 to 1938. She was responsible for …

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Presidents’ Homes

As noted in the Daily Herald, for many years the central neighborhoods of Provo were home to most of the faculty. The first principal of the Academy, Warren Dusenberry, lived in a two-story concrete house across from the Provo Tabernacle at what is now the southeast corner of 100 South and University Avenue. The location …

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Contributions of the Class of 1891: Alexander Jameson

For most of the members of the Class of 1891, after completing their studies at Brigham Young Academy they took up teaching posts in Utah or neighboring states. These teachers made important contributions to the local educational programs in their communities, included Eugene S. Hart (Idaho), George J. Ramsey (Morgan, Utah), Alva N. Murdock (Charlestown, …

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Alpine Summer School Classes

In order to escape the summer heat in Provo, under President Franklin S. Harris the university began offering summer courses at a retreat at the base of Mount Timpanogos in 1922. Courses offered included natural sciences such as geology and botany, as well as the arts. During the early years of the program, classes were …

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Autograph albums at Brigham Young Academy

Prior to the popularization of school yearbooks, autograph albums were commonly used by students to gather notes and other remembrances from their fellow students at the end of the year. The archives recently received a fine example of an autograph book from Brigham Young Academy created by Ole Ellingson, a student during the 1885-1886 school …

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Contributions of the Class of 1891: Anthony C. Lund

Another prominent alumnus of 1891 was Anthony C. Lund, son of apostle Anthon H. Lund. Speaking as class valedictorian (https://archive.org/stream/commencementexer1891brig#page/38/mode/2up), Lund called on his fellow students to help “water a part of God’s vineyard.” Taking this call to heart, he served both the Church and the University over the course of his career–first as a …

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