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Archive: January, 2010

Science in Facsimile

While many facsimiles of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts housed in Special Collections reproduce religious and literary texts, our collection also holds a number of facsimiles of scientific works.  The newest addition to Special Collections is a facsimile of the Codex Leicester, a 72-page manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci.  In this manuscript, Leonardo recorded his observations …

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Eight Days of Combat

Leonard Brostrom entered the army March 16, 1942.  He had several stateside assignments.  He went overseas in May 1944; however it was October 20, 1944 before he saw any action.  Killed just eight days later, he was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.  The citation says: “Leonard C. Brostrom was a rifleman with an assault …

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The Laurie Teichert Eastwood collection of Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert and Herman Adolph Teichert family papers

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections is pleased to announce that curatorial work has been completed on the Laurie Teichert Eastwood collection of Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert and Herman Adolph Teichert family papers. The collection was donated to Special Collections by Laurie Teichert Eastwood, daughter of Minerva Teichert and Herman Teichert, and contains the personal and …

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New Digital Collection

The University Archives is proud to announce that a project to digitize the early student newspapers of Brigham Young University is underway. We will be digitizing the Academic Review, the BYA Student, the Normal, and the White and Blue. Several issues of the Normal and the White and Blue are already online at the BYU …

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Newly-acquired medieval manuscript facsimiles

Special Collections has just acquired the following facsimiles of medieval manuscripts: Parma Psalter: a facsimile of an illuminated Hebrew book of Psalms (with commentary) produced in Northern Italy in the 13th century.  The manuscript is decorated with images of buildings, people, plants, and musical instruments. Call number: Vault Collection 223.2 P24 1996 Antiphonar von St …

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Liberating Tokyo

Henry Lavelle Stewart tells the following story about entering Tokyo after V-J Day.  “When we arrived in Tokyo, not a living thing could be seen.  No birds, no traffic, no people.  Unoccupied cars lined the streets.  The survivors were still hiding under  ground.  Gradually we were able to coax them to come out.  Their leaders …

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New biographies of Louisa May Alcott

Two new biographies of Louisa May Alcott have been published in recent months.  They are some of the newest additions to the Louisa May Alcott collection. Yona Zeldis McDonough’s Louisa: The Life of Louisa May Alcott is aimed at a juvenile audience.  McDonough narrates Alcott’s life and provides a list of Alcott quotes, a chronology …

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Spicing up student life

Students at Brigham Young University have always looked for ways to enliven their college experience. They have numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities in 2010. They attend musical and theatrical performances at the Harris Fine Arts Center. They flock to athletic events in the Smith Fieldhouse, the Marriott Center, South Field, and LaVell Edwards Stadium. They …

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