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President Ernest Wilkinson does push-ups while Cosmos cheers him on

President Ernest Wilkinson does push-ups while Cosmo cheers him on.

In 1975 as part of the centennial celebrations of Brigham Young University Edwin Butterworth, director of the BYU News Bureau, was asked to create a pictorial history of the university. The result was a wonderful composition of photographs documenting the first one hundred years of the university’s existence. Titled 1,000 Views of 100 Years this volume chronicles everything from student life to academics to athletics and is a excellent resource for gaining a visual understanding of the university. In 2004 this marvelous resource was digitized and is now available through the Harold B. Lee Library’s digital collections as part of the Campus Photographs collection. Campus Photographs includes images from BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii and BYU-Provo. These images may be searched as a group representing the Brigham Young University system or images from each campus may be searched individually. Take a moment to explore this wonderful resource and get to know the early pictorial history of Brigham Young University.

The Brigham Young University Archives is also home to several other collections of photographs. These include images of the various buildings on campus (UA 827), images of athletic events (UA 1029), and images of campus life (UA 869) to name a few. These and other photographic collections are accessible through the reference desk in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. It is important to note that 24 hour notice is required to access these photographs as they are stored in a cold storage facility. If you have any questions about the photographic collections (physical or digital) held by the University Archives, please contact Gordon Daines at (801) 422-5821 or gordon_daines@byu.edu.

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