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Edward Schoenfeld autobiography

Edward Schoenfeld (1832-1914)

Edward Schoenfeld (1832-1914)

L. Tom Perry Special Collections is pleased to announce the availability of a new digitized collection: Edward Schoenfeld autobiography. The item includes a handwritten autobiography (three leaves), genealogy of the Schoenfeld and Springall families (two leaves), and a postcard of Tansberg, Germany, where Edward was born.

Edward Schoenfeld was born in Germany in 1832. He married Ottilie Scharlotte Mieth in 1854. The following year he joined the Mormon Church and migrated to Utah in 1857, settling in Provo. He married Mary Alice Springhall in 1867 and served as mission president to the Swiss and German Mission for the Mormon Church from 1870 to 1872. He also edited the Mormon Church magazine “Stern” while serving as mission president. Schoenfeld died in 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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