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TV History Exhibit in Special Collections for December Only!

TV Time-Travel: 40 Years Ago on Your Local ABC Station

New Small Case Exhibit in Special Collections Reference Lobby for only a limited time!

For December only, we have small case exhibit that explores the historical structures of television broadcasting in the heyday of the big three networks.  We have video presentations, promotional posters, insightful captions, and even a real live 13-inch TV set from the 1970s to look at!

In the mid-20th century, television redefined and became central to modern life in the United States. TV became a prominent cultural icon by which Americans defined themselves and each other. Travel back 40 years to 1978’s fall premiere season as we look at ABC’s primetime lineup.

TV then was different from today. Before remotes, VCRs, DVRs, and streaming, watching habits were quite different.  There were only three major networks –ABC, CBS, and NBC, and with such lack of variety, incredible amounts of viewers were watching the same programs all over the nation.  Its societal impacts were widespread and penetrating.

We have information panels on:  The Nielsen viewership ratings, dayparts, Prime Time, the yearly broadcast calendar and more!

Come see early artifacts from the beginning of careers such as Robin Williams, Danny Devito, and Tony Danza, and groovy sci-fi artwork from Battlestar Galactica.

Come tune in for some nostalgia, or learn some new things you can talk with your parents about over Christmas vacation!

Come catch it now before it is gone!

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