FILM RESTORATION SHOWCASE — Fall 2023 — October 13, 7:30pm Library Auditorium

This semester we are presenting a DOUBLE FEATUE of films dealing with the topic of marriage.

In 1968, the BYU Motion Picture Archive in collaboration with the school of family sciences produced a film providing guidance in choosing a marriage partner.

ARE YOU THE ONE? -Choosing a Mate-

This is really fun and is an absolute time machine to bring us back to 1968.

Special guests anticipated!


Our second feature in DOUBLE HARNESS from 1933.

Ulterior motives complicate romance in a marriage, but what IS marriage in the 20th century?

William Powell and Ann Harding star in this pre-code drama. Come see this film in a newly-restored state!



At the BYU Motion Picture Archive we have a variety of historical materials.

A special group of materials are those absolutely unique camera original elements that we find in our collections. From these original elements we can now scan with cutting edge technology and see the films of yesteryear as they have never been seen before.

This is film restoration: to go back to a superior source of information so that what was there in the beginning can be brought back and enjoyed in its fulness.

The library offers internships in film restoration to students. We work together to restore titles for which we have the original film materials.

On October 13, we present our next RESTORATION SHOWCASE



Historical. Fun. Interesting. Entertaining.

Join us, and some special guests, as we take a walk down memory lane with newly-restored media as it has never been seen before.

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