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Whimsy in Children’s Illustration exhibit

Now open through November is a new exhibit in the Special Collections lobby.

“Children love fanciful & imaginative play. Whether it’s the whimsy of the unexpected, like balloons growing from the ground, or the make-believe of snowmen coming to life, youngsters love using their imaginations. Play is the important work of childhood, and children’s book illustrations play a vital role in that work. They also support and facilitate the learning-to-read process by providing contextual clues about the story and increasing story engagement.

Some children’s books incorporate interactive elements within the illustrations, such as flaps to lift or popups, hidden objects to find, or tactile elements to touch. These features create a sense of interactivity and participation, making the reading experience more immersive and exciting for children.

By combining elements such as vibrant colors, expressive characters, whimsical scenes, interactivity, and visual storytelling, children’s book illustrations create an irresistible allure that captures children’s (and adults’) attention and invites them into the enchanting world of storytelling.”

This exhibit highlights the work three Latter-day Saint illustrators:

David Carter

Brett Helquist

Mark Buehner









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