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Robert Taylor Burton brass band drum score

L. Tom Perry Special Collections is pleased to announce the availability of a new digitized collection: Robert Taylor Burton brass band drum score (Vault MSS 16).  This is a handwritten brass band drum score Burton wrote while a member of the Nauvoo Brass band in Nauvoo, Illinois.

From Wikipedia:

Originally called Joseph’s City Band, the Nauvoo Brass Band was formed in 1842 by William Pitt to accompany the public drills of the Nauvoo Legion, and became nicknamed Pitt’s Brass Band. The band performed public concerts and at various other special events.

After the death of Joseph Smith, the band met the wagon returning the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum to Nauvoo, and became part of the procession of mourners into and through the city, playing as it marched directly in front of the wagon. After the bodies were delivered to the Mansion House, they played outside the building for those that came to pay their respects while the bodies were lying in repose.

From and Ensign article by William Purdy, June 1980:

Only three members of the band arrived in the Salt Lake Valley with the first company in July 1847: William Clayton, William Pitt, and Robert T. Burton, trumpeter. However, by 6 October 1848, there was enough of a band to play at conference, and the band took a leading role in celebrating the Twenty-fourth of July, 1849.

In April 1850, the band formally reorganized itself, this time at the home of Robert Burton in Salt Lake City. Nineteen of the old members continued and four new members were added. They decided on two major projects: by July they wanted straw hats, white dress coats, white pantaloons, sky-blue sashes, and white muslin cravats to outfit every band member for the celebrations on the Fourth and Twenty-fourth of July.

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