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The President’s Home

Sometime in 1909 or 1910 a Brigham Young University faculty member named Henry Peterson built a home on Temple Hill. In 1923 this home came into the possession of Brigham Young University and in 1927 the Brigham Young University Board of Trustees decided that it was an ideal location for the home of the university’s …

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Building Dedication files

One of the remarkable things about Brigham Young University is its attempt to integrate academic excellence with spiritual development. This dual purpose is reflected in the built environment of the campus. Each of the campus buildings is used for sacred worship services on Sunday and the Marriott Center is the site of spiritual devotionals every …

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Marriott Center

One of the most used buildings on the campus of Brigham Young University is the Marriott Center. This multi-purpose building is the site of devotional and forum addresses, basketball and other indoor athletic contests, cultural performances, and convocations. President Ernest L. Wilkinson announced plans for building the Marriott Center in September 1968 and emphasized that …

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